Left and Leaving


You all live in the town of Crysthaven, which is surrounded on all sides by what you simply know as “The Forest”

From birth you’ve been taught that outside the safety of the town and the surrounding Forest, it’s a terribly dangerous world and you need not worry yourself about it. Occasionally, an adventerous youngster will attempt to brave the wilds in search of that fabled outside world, but no matter what direction they go, they always eventually end up back in town. It seems that whatever keeps you all near the town also manages to keep any strangers out. No one ever visits your town, and you’ve never met an outsider.

There is trade, but it is handled by a group of older well-trained and well-armed men and women called the Bladed Wallets. These brave souls seem to be the only ones able to journey into the dangerous unknown beyond The Forest and return with goods and supplies.

Once everyone reaches the age of 17, it becomes part of their responsibility to occasionally go out on patrol for a few days in the surrounding forest area, and everyone takes their turn via lottery.

There is nothing special about this and nothing too exciting ever seems to happen. The occasional pack of wolves takes up residence too close to the farmlands on the edges of town and starts in on the livestock, or there was that one time when an Owlbear destroyed part of old man Fayut’s barn after accidentally trapping itself inside. Usually it just ends up being an extended hiking trip through the Forest.

And now, your names have been drawn.



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